3 hours earlier: holy grounds, uptown san myshuno 7:51pm

????: (annoyed) and then she starts screaming at me because i sent out a company email in in the wrong font? like, who the fuck cares, no one reading that is going to say “oh times new roman, *delete*”. (exasperated) laurel, i’ve been at this job for like 2 months and i want to quit. that boss is impossible.

laurel: karlie, you said that about the last job. it can’t be that bad. plus you’re a temp. you don’t need to get attached. if you hate it that much, just quit and find another job

karlie: (rolls eyes) stop with the rich people advice. i have rent and student loans. do i even go in tomorrow or call out? (groans) this day can’t get worse

laurel: (glances at counter) well, it’s about to… ben just walked in.