neal’s conveniently located walk-up apartment, spice district,12:05pm

marz: (startled) don’t DO that.

neal: (smiles broadly) sorry. didn’t mean to sneak up on you like that.

marz: but still do it! ugh

neal: (shrugs) call it a talent. you were having a very deep main character type of monologue about our fridge situation and i couldn’t bear to interrupt. i know it’s a mess. i’ll take care of it when i get back.

marz: (raises eyebrows)is that a promise?

neal: it is. i didn’t hear you come in last night. your date must have gone well

marz: um, yeah. sorta. i’m kinda tired.

neal: (smirks) i bet. don’t forget you have to help me set up for tonight.

marz: sure. oh. um (looks down) i ran into shawn last night. and i sorta invited him to the thing tonight. i hope you don’t mind.

neal: (raises eyebrows) oh. that’s fine. the more the merrier (smiles) it’d be good to see him again.

marz: yeah. sorry i should have asked

neal: no man. you live here too. invite whoever you want. you could invite your mystery girl

marz: (nervous laugh) um, don’t think she’d want to come…

neal: fair enough. we have a full house tonight, so i gotta run a few errands. gonna grab some chairs and a long table from the shop. gotta grab some snacks. and most importantly, go to your butcher and get the good wings.

marz: قربونت برام *

neal: i never get tired of hearing that. like, the most dramatic and beautiful way to say thank you.(smiles) i do have alcohol but you don’t drink and i’m not drinking as i gotta head to the airport tomorrow. you think i should buy alcohol or just stick with beer?

marz: you’re asking me this?

neal: (shrugs) more like asking myself with you listening…if shawn’s coming, i’ll grab beer. don’t know if mitzi is a drinker. i feel food is more her thing

he looks at the microwave clock

neal: i better go.

he heads towards the door.

marz: don’t forget to clean out the fridge when you get back.

neal: (smirks) yes mom!