neal’s conveniently located walk up, spice district, 1:05pm

since marz technically is unemployed at the moment, he tends to picks up freelance work doing video editing. since every youtuber with a cracked copy of adobe premier calls themselves a ‘video editor’, work has been dire. but thanks to neal (his old college roommate) and yuki (his other old college roommate that dropped out sophmore year), he’s been able to pay some bills and keep a roof over his head….

yuki: ooh, how about that one. my ass looks great there. (pouts) but ugh, i’m so flat…i cannot wait until i can afford some really good boobs.

marz listlessly nods while staring at his screen

yuki: (prattling) do you have any idea how unstoppable i’d be with a rack? (pouts) why is everything i want expensive or out of reach. ugh. i am so close to my goal…  what do you think? should i go with a conservative c cup or go nuts with big old ds?!

marz ignores her question and continues to stare blankly at his screen.

yuki: (squints) you’re usually a bit more enthused when you’re helping me edit these. not every dude gets to look at this (gestures at body) without a paywall. (gasps) am i ugly to you now?

marz: no. i- (stares at screen) sorry. i had a shitty morning, and it’s turning into a shitty afternoon.

yuki: you’re helping me, so let me help you! tell me. i’m GREAT at advice.

marz: (smirks) bad advice.

yuki: (scoffs) not all the time. i just take the boring advice neal or one of your normal friends gives you and tell you to do the opposite. what did wise mr beckford advise this time?

marz: this is something neal can’t advise me on…

yuki: (leans forward) oh?

marz: (hesitant)i’ve, sorta been seeing someone. on and off. it’s nothing serious now but i’d like for it to be that one day.

yuki: congratulations! then what’s the problem?

marz: the problem is that it’s jaime.

yuki’s jaw drops in disbelief

yuki: (floored) バカじゃないの!!!*

lit translation: are you an idiot? / toronto col. are you DUMB