neal’s conveniently located walk up, spice district, 1:35pm

marz: you’re gonna laugh

yuki: i’m not that mean! who is she?

marz: the girl from the stickers.

yuki: (raises eyebrows) bottomless pit?

marz nods slowly

yuki: huh. i mean, without the big red X on her face, she’s cute. he typically doesn’t go for “cute”

marz: (smirks) and how you would know?

yuki: (smiles mischievously) his very predictable track record. sharine, delia, sigrid, and jaime…each of those girls are “hot” girls. i should know being a hot girl myself.

marz: he’s breaking out of that comfort zone i guess. just promise me when you see her tonight, you don’t make her feel weird or anything? she is still a guest.

yuki: (looks away) i can’t promise anything. i normally just–

marz: say what’s on your mind but tonight, let’s try not doing that. don’t interrogate her. don’t mention anything about jaime, don’t mention anything about jaime and neal, and please don’t mention anything about me and jaime and just don’t–

yuki: (smiles) i won’t! i’ll be on my best behavior. promise!