the dumpsters behind neal’s conveniently located walk up, spice district, 12:38pm

yuki: marz! do you want some free shit?

he looks down at the bag of clothing.

marz: (wrinkles nose)not out of a garbage bag…on the floor…next to a dumpster…(looks closer at stuffed animal) didn’t ichirou give you that?

yuki: he did. and that’s why it goes in the trash.

she shoots the stuffed animal into the dumpster and silently congratulates herself.

yuki: yes! still got it!

marz: (surprised) oh…wow. you two have a fight or something?

yuki: or something. i ended it last night. but, enough about me and my relationship issues. how goes it with you?

marz: (deep sigh) if i’m being honest? it’s been a shit day so far.

yuki: i know what will cheer you up! you can edit some of my videos and watermark them.

marz: (annoyed) how’s that going to cheer me up?

yuki: (smiles) it would cheer me up because i will make money. and money makes me happy.  and seeing me happy with money, means i can pay you and that will make you happy!

marz: (mutters) can’t argue with that…

yuki: see! i’ll bring my hard drive over and we can get to work.

she walks past him

yuki: let me go feed tama and i’ll see you in ten?

marz: what about the rest of this junk?

yuki: oh, could you throw it out for me?

marz scowls

yuki: (exasperated) marz! i’m a struggling single mother with a starving son to feed! please! help me out!

marz: (rolls eyes) fine