121 hakim house, arts district, arts district, 3:03pm

eden: ivy, you have outdone yourself…

ivy: (smirks) i am an artist, and your split ends is my canvas. when this starts to fade, please don’t try to fix it yourself. and by fix, i mean don’t dye your hair with a box dye.

eden: (shakes head) i can’t promise that.

ivy: (rolls eyes)  you never listen. speaking of ppl who actually DO listen, how’s tabs doing? she’s due for a touch up soon.

eden: (wrinkles nose)  um, that won’t happen. she’s in the DSV

ivy: (confused)like, permanently? or just visiting?

eden: (exhales slowly) let’s just say, due to a um, (pauses) very convoluted personal matter, she’s gonna be out there for a while…

ivy: (concerned) i-is everything ok?

eden: (looks down) yeah…for now.

ivy: huh…well, she almost made it a year…thought she was here for good.

eden: she’s never in one place for long…

ivy’s phone chimes

ivy: ah! my next appointment is on his way up

eden raises her eyebrows

ivy: it’s elliot. he needed an (mockingly) “emergency haircut” for his simdr profile.

eden’s jaw drops

eden: (surprised) his WHAT?!

ivy: yeah…he and rin are no more! i-i thought you knew?

eden: (sputtering) i spent all of friday night with him and he couldn’t tell me he’s single now?! (aggravated) why is everyone is hiding stuff from me?! i’m going to fucking–

ivy’s front door opens.

elliot: hello?

eden’s eyes narrow as she slowly inhales…

ivy: eden, calm down…

eden: (exhales slowly) we’re just going to talk. i am going to have a nice conversation with my dear friend, elliot…