bubble entendre tea shop, fashion district, 6:13pm

junie: (mutters) ….you JUST couldn’t help yourself…

ben: (smirks) i saw the opportunity and i took the shot.

junie: just don’t joke about it tonight in front of the new roommate. i don’t want her and sloane fighting.

ben: i won’t! i have some sense. ah! and speaking of roommates, i’m staying over tonight.

junie: (raises eyebrows) again?

ben: (exhales sharply) yeah…eeyore is bringing home a date. don’t know what girl finds that debbie downer attractive, but it’s hard times out there in simdrland. people gotta take what they can get.

junie: you can’t let him bully you out of your own home.

ben: for what i’m paying in rent, i’ll let that dickhead do whatever he wants. with any luck, the unlucky lady will be depressed out of her mind after listening to him talk. best case scenario, he goes home alone. worst case scenario, she’ll sneak out and be gone by morning; just in time for me to walk in at an ungodly hour and get ready for work (winks).

junie: and you’re completely sure that’s what’s going to happen?

ben: i’ve seen the caliber of women he’s brought home. i am completely sure.