121 hakim house apartments, arts district, 6:33pm

elliot: ok i think we got enough. let me see!

russ: (irritated) why are you doing a sexy thumb bite? bailey kay doesn’t need to see you doing a sexy thumb bite. she’s a married mother of two. have some respect!

elliot: it’s a respectful thumb bite!

russ:(rolls eyes) not with those eyes, man. did you have to do this in my apartment? i gotta mentally prepare for tonight

elliot: you guys have better light here. (looks down) plus, i don’t want bailey to see how i live. my apartment is depressing

russ: (smirks)it wouldn’t be if you actually cleaned it…so who’s that second ticket for?

elliot:(confidently) i’m planning on taking a potential simdr date.

russ: (exhales sharply) buddy, that’s an expensive date.

elliot: gotta make a good first impression. if it goes sideways, we can at least have the wonderful memory of going to a bailey kay concert together….

he quickly scrolls through his gallery

elliot: wow, you’re right. bailey kay does not need to see me do a sexy thumb bite…(looks up at russ) do i always look like this?

russ: (nods) yeah 24/7 and you know, (raises eyebrows) you could just take carson instead of some random girl. i mean, he’s a fan…

elliot: (annoyed) i’m not taking carson to a concert. i don’t even want him knowing about the meet and greet she’s holding. if i take him, he’s going to want dinner at a restaurant that has silverware and actual plates. and he’s going to make me pay. (mockingly) “oh well you’re taking me out, i deserve a nice meal too”. after that, he’s gonna want to take an uber. and it can’t be a toyota corolla uber. this is carson so definitely black car service. and he’s not getting in an uber pool. can’t take transit because (mockingly) “i can’t take public transit in these clothes. they’ll rob me or i can’t get city filth on these clothes”. then when we get there, he’s going to complain about the seats and berate me for cheaping out. (mockingly) “don’t you earn enough to buy decent seats?” after an hour of him grumbling, he’ll end up ditching me to go bone some random girl from the audience in the stadium parking lot. i can’t have that! like, what if i win this backstage contest? he’s gonna embarrass me! i can’t meet the queen with that joker near me.

russ stifles a laugh

lliot: (sighs) i want to have a good time. i deserve a good time out. i missed out last time because of rin (annoyed gesturing) being rin. and i’m not going to let that dickhead ruin this. i would rather scalp the ticket than take him.

russ: (smirks) suit yourself (mutters) but i know you’re gonna end up taking carson…..