culpepper heights apartments, spice district, 7:35pm

jaime: where are you going?

shawn: (hesitant) uhhh marz’s place…

jaime: (eyes narrow) you mean neal’s place

shawn:(looks away) they live at the same address. yes…

jaime: and why are you going over there?

shawn: because marz invited me over to the thing neal does every sunday… (lowers voice) that you are no longer invited to because you two broke up and it was awkward for me to keep going alone so i stopped (clears throat) but marz said it was cool and –

jaime:(through her teeth) did he?

shawn: he did. (relieved) i don’ t know why i was being weird. pfft! not like i cheated on neal.

jaime: (inhales slowly) no. you did not.

shawn: you want me to bring anything back? because if this is a neal event, neal cooks, and (wistful) i’m sorry, but i really do miss his cooking.

jaime: (rolls eyes) go date him. he can cook for you every night.

shawn: i don’t think i’m his type. plus it’d be hella weird. anyways, maybe i can talk to marz to talk to neal to um, smooth things over with you. i mean, enough time has passed. you’ve both been dating around. i’m sure he’s over it by now. according to marz, he’s inviting a lovely lady over to the thing

jaime: (raises eyebrows) r-really? (mutters) good for him. hope she has the sense to run far the fuck away.

shawn: (chuckles) yeah…well maybe the grudge will be lifted and you two can be friends.

jaime: (looks down)doubt that…

shawn: it’d give you something to do sunday night. better than sitting home alone…sighing heavily on our lovely sofa.

he heads to the door and stops suddenly

shawn: oh yeah, did your dick appointment ever show up?

jaime: he did but…(looks down) it’s complicated.

shawn: (smiles) it usually is. i’ll see you later

jaime: (quietly) have fun…