122 hakim house apartments, arts district, 7:39pm

the front door slams

junie: hey! i’m baaack!

jordan: hii.

junie and ben walk into the living room, giggling. jordan’s eyes squint as she tries to recall where she MIGHT have seen him before

jordan: (eyes widen) oh…hey! it’s –

ben: (looks away) s-sorry we never officially met, ben wainwright

jordan: j-jordan mayer? (mutters) we’re using full names now…?

junie: did your friend respond? i wanna get a head count for tonight.

jordan: um, yeah unfortunately he had other plans. but, i invited someone else on a whim. the guy next door? i went to look at his friend’s place before this one (beams) he seemed nice so why not.

ben: (laughs) you mean that incel?!

junie: aish! he’s not an incel. he lives with a woman!

ben: (rolls eyes) ok well serial killers have friends who are also alive.

junie: (annoyed sigh) but he’s friends with carson!

ben: (sneers) yeahthat’s not really a glowing endorsement, babe.