neal’s conveniently located walk-up, spice district, 8:42pm

mitzi: (softly) hello…

neal: MITZI! you made it!

mitzi stares at neal in costume

mitzi: (stares blankly) y-you are in a costume…w-was i supposed to dress up?

her face falls in disappointment

mitzi: oh no…a-are you a cosplayer…?

neal: (slightly embarrassed) no! god no! it’s just for tonight… i..i don’t normally dress like this…

yuki: (smiles deviously) yes he does…♫

neal scowls at yuki

neal: (clears throat) i guess i should introduce you. mitzi, yuki. yuki, mitzi…

yuki’s eyes narrow as she slowly inspects mitzi. she turns to neal and glares

yuki: (quietly) neal….

neal: (turns to shawn) and this is sha-

yuki: (mumbles) she looks 12….(louder) you invited a child to this?

neal and shawn’’s jaws drop in horror

neal: (whispers) what the fuck is wrong with you!?

neal looks around and notices his guests staring at mitzi

neal: (reassuringly) s-she’s an adult woman.

mitzi: (laughs uncomfortably)  a very small 24 year old adult woman.

yuki: (squints) are you sure?

mitzi: (annoyed) pretty sure….

neal: (mutters) already off to a great start…