east 51st alto apartments, spice district, 9:52pm

damien: um hold on. before we do this, can i ask one thing?

karlie: (murmurs) no butt stuff on the first date.

damien: (flustered) n-no. although (raises eyebrows in delight)…that’s a discussion we’ll have at a later date…. this is um less interesting than…that. (aggravated sigh) um, i have a very annoying roommate and i have no idea when he’s planning on coming back. i wanted to know if you’re planning on staying over or not.  you know…so i can tell him to uh, not be…here..

karlie:(smiles deviously) that depends on how good or bad this is…

his face falls

karlie: (laughs) relax, i’m joking. yes. i’m staying over.

he lets out a relieved sigh as karlie pulls him close.