culpepper heights apartments, spice district, 10:15pm

meanwhile, on the other side of town…someone has been attempting to do damage control for a full hour….

marz: jaime…my ass is killing me sitting on this floor. just open the door. please.

text *go home

marz: can we not talk through a screen? if you want to end it, fine. i can accept thatbut not like this.


marz: can you at least yell at me through the door? insult me? call me a coward…


marz: listen, for what it’s worth, i am sorry about what i said this morning. it was super shitty and i wasn’t thinking. (looks down) i-if you want me to tell everyone, and neal, i will but jaime, understand my position, (angry sigh) just let me find a new place first and hopefully we can do this again (pauses) properly.

text *shawn will be home soon. you need to be gone before he gets here. please.

marz lets out a defeated sign and slowly rises to his feet. he looks at the door one last time before heading to the elevator. he stops, turns back and leans against the door. he takes a deep breath and chooses his words carefully…

marz:(lowers voice) please know, i really do care about you. i’ve always cared about you and (voice cracking) i’m sorry it ended up like this.