910 medina studios, arts district, 10:28pm

lily: someone’s been busy…

carson: (mutters) yeah….

lily: is there anything you want to tell me before i have your uncle look into that young lady in that photo?

carson: (tight lipped) nope. not a thing. not one thing…

lily:  why did you leave without saying hello yesterday?

carson: (mumbles) the wait was too long. we just went someplace else.

lily: oh, that’s too bad. i heard you ran into allison?

carson nods

lily: she said it looked like you were on a little date. (smiles) you should have introduced us….

carson: that won’t happen, and you need to leave.

lily: grouchy. grouchy. you can get your beauty sleep after this…

she leans forward

lily: your uncle and i have been talking.

carson: (raises eyebrow) about?

lily: you. your recovery and how you’re managing all of that.

carson: i told you already, i’m managing fine.

lily: (inhales sharply) i don’t think so. i think you went back to work and moved back here too soon. maybe (pauses) a change of scenery might be good for you. especially now that this election is underway.

carson gives lily a wary look…

carson: (eyes narrow) what do you mean?

lily: you’re avoiding me, my calls, a secret girlfriend , the irritability —

carson: (annoyed) i don’t have a secret girlfriend and i’m irritable because you’re in my apartment uninvited.

lily: — you haven’t even gone to the therapist i already paid for. and you haven’t been doing any of the things you agreed to do after i let you move back here.

she looks down

lily: i have a feeling you’re going to relapse here and we can’t have you doing that now.

carson: (annoyed) so you’d rather i’d fuck off some place else and relapse?

lily: carson (sighs) i’d rather you keep your promise. it’s vital that you don’t slip back into old habits…

carson: i told you i’ll get around to it. i’ve been busy.

lily: you’ve got a considerable amount of gaps in your schedule. and you can’t be that busy if you can just…leave the office on friday.

carson scowls

lily: maybe you should take some time off and go back to that rehab facility in oasis springs. another 45 days won’t be hard for you.

she pauses

lily:  and maybe after that…your uncle suggested you pay a visit to his family in singapore

carson: (scoffs) that’s not fucking happening. i’m not going back there–

he looks up and notices the luggage across from him

carson: (sharp exhale) i’m guessing this decision has already been made for me.

lily nods