910 medina studios, arts district, 10:29pm

carson: (inhales sharply) i can’t fucking believe you’re doing this to me again.

lily: (sternly) language.

carson opens his mouth to protest but catches himself. flying off the handle now won’t get him what he wants…he closes his eyes, exhales slowly and prepares to bargain for a bit more time…

carson: why’d you make me come back if you were going to dump me somewhere else again?

lily: (shakes head) carson…we’re not dumping you. you have to realize that you’re a bit of a liability at this point…


lily remains calm and composed

lily: you’re going to be difficult about this, aren’t you?

carson: (exasperated) difficult?! i’m difficult?! you guys drag me from work in the middle of the day and thew me on a plane to some rehab facility in bum fuck nowhere and now you’re going drag me AGAIN from home in the dead of night because i’m a liability. (holding head) ugh, what is that sound…they can’t be doing construction this late….fuck.

carson: 姨媽, i’m sorry, you can’t ship me off again. i had one bad slip up and —  

lily: (through her teeth) one of many, carson. your record is clean because of the work victor and i have to do behind the scenes. we cannot have that linked back to us. especially now that simon is running.

carson: (sighs) yes. and it’s not that i’m grateful but you can’t do this. not now…

his voice breaks

carson: every fucking time. every fucking time i get in trouble and this shit… (tearing up) i’m so fucking sick of being thrown away when it’s not convenient to have me around.

he stops

carson: (aggravated) what is that FUCKING sound…

lily: (louder) you probably should answer your (fades out)

carson: (confused) my what?

lily:  your PHONE (loudly) ANSWER YOUR PHONE.

carson: w-what?

carson jolts out of bed