910 medina studios, arts district, 11:15pm

anthony: (exhales slowly) gotta say, i liked this favor when it was just me checking in on her. that was the amount of effort i was willing to put into this…

carson: you’re still doing that for her. but this is for me.

anthony:(annoyed) i really don’t want you anywhere near my work. can’t you just lie like you always do?

carson lets out a slow, annoyed sigh

anthony: don’t give me that. you’re really good at it. tabs warned me but seeing it in action was something else. just any old bullshit falls out your mouth and people believe you.

carson: (strained) if it was that easy, i wouldn’t be asking you to do this. i don’t know if eden went into it but i’m on a short leash at the moment. me and my money are being monitored. me skipping town without a solid reason to go with it is going to be a problem.

anthony: (laughs) it’s just a trip to del sol. you not leaving the country.

carson:  i know it sounds dumb but trust me on this. i know my aunt and uncle. and i know it’s going to get worse as this race continues. when (not if) they make the connection between me and tabs, it’s only a matter of time before simon will too. i’d rather be out of town before that happens and i’d rather it be on my on my terms and not theirs.

anthony: (mockingly) aww. and here i thought this was an elaborate plan for you to play house with tabs.

carson: (clears throat) n-no. (laughs uncomfortably) that’s insane. i wouldn’t do that. y-you know me…

anthony: (smiles) i do. and i know you been playing in my damn face with her for years.

carson: (stammers) n-no we’re just friends. it’s not like that. with her hidden, my shit stays hidden, and we both survive this bullshit without it significantly altering our lives.

anthony: (smirks) fair enough. but honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?

carson: (laughs nervously) to her? you don’t want to know.

anthony: no. she’d be fucked. probably worse if simon found her. (pauses) i meant, to you. eden just told me you’re like…rich. you have a different safety net.

carson closes his eyes and recalls his dream

carson: best outcome i’m seeing is um, i get sent back to rehab. after i put in my time, i won’t be able to move back here and they’ll cut me off and dump me somewhere very fucking far away from here.

anthony: (raises eyebrows) this sounds…routine for you.

carson: (looks down) yeah it’s happened a few times. if i’m gone. i can’t help her.

anthony: and that’s the worst case scenario?

carson: no. there’s…another possibility if simon finds out who i am in relation to my uncle. i’m predicting my record gets dug back up and i probably spend some time in jail as sacrificing me to keep his position is definitely something my uncle would do.

anthony: ahh, feng is one of them “tough on crime”/”tough on drugs” assholes.

carson: (laughs) yeah, a bunch of uh, DUIs, and some possession charges continually being  scrapped from my record by your rich uncle who is the mayor of a city would be a nuclear PR problem.

anthony: yikes.

carson: and uh, bigger yikes, with both outcomes i definitely see myself relapsing. and i don’t even want to think what’ll happen to tabs.

anthony: (clears throat) shit well…i guess i’m obligated to help now…