910 medina studios, arts district, 11:38pm

anthony: um, sorry i missed something but uh, back to rehab? you never seemed like a quitter (laughs uncomfortably)

carson: (laughs) uh yeah… i guess eden left out that part. but yeah i’m sober. it’s kind of why i’d rather ask this favor of you instead of like, anyone else i know out there. (looks down) these past few months have been um…slow and dreadfully boring but um, it’s for the best. and i am trying not to slip up. unfortunately everyone i know out there is um, a mess.

anthony: this is me feigning some concern for you out of just…being a decent human being but like how you doing with all that? they got you going to meetings and shit after you left?

carson: i’m fine. started going to the gym (mumbles) so there’s a bonus but um, dating and social life has taken a dive and um, no, not going to meetings. i did that shit and it was depressing. all of those are full of like rich fuckups and i don’t think i was THAT bad.

anthony: mmm. them fuckups never think they’re that bad too. but something THAT bad had to happen for them to end up there.

carson starts to protest but lets it go

carson: (aggravated groan) i don’t need this from you too.

anthony: (shrugs) you don’t but again, this is me being a decent human and being somewhat concerned for you. i would be extremely bummed if you died.

carson queues up a witty retort but realizes that anthony is actually being sincere….

carson: t-thanks…i appreciate that. i’m managing fine. for now. just…please do me a solid here.

anthony: (sighs) so what’s the timeline of this “favor”

carson: well my aunt is probably going to harass me one more time before she hands it off to my uncle and i’d say (pauses) bout a few days. a week at most.

anthony: from one picture?!

carson: yeah it’s all his guy needs.

anthony: (smiles) i’ll see what i can do. i have a few things on my calendar that i need to look presentable for. just text me who i need to call to set this up.

carson: (relieved) i will. thank you.