rooftop patio on top of neal’s conveniently located walk-up apartment, spice district, 11:05pm

shawn and yuki are currently enjoying their “walk”…

yuki: (sing song) you’re staring at me…

shawn: (sputters) i’m not i- i..i’m just–

yuki: — burrowing your small, stoned eyes into my flesh.

shawn: (sputters) y-yes but respectfully.

yuki: (annoyed) that doesn’t make it better.

shawn: (quietly) sorry.

he attempts to recover by leaning back in a plastic chair but realized…he might go with it…

shawn: (clears throat) you still making that aggressive haunted strip club music?

yuki: (wrinkles nose) is that what you guys call it?

shawn: (shrugs) i think it’s an accurate description of your work…

yuki:  ok…well yes i’m still making it and you can come hear me perform it live thursday. (sweetly) i’d appreciate it if you came.  

shawn’s eyes light up

yuki: (stern) i’m not hitting on you.

shawn’s smile fades

yuki: i’m being (through her teeth) nice because i really need at least like 10 people to come so i can get a cut of the door.

shawn: (pouts) ah well. if i get out of work on time, i’ll stop by. you still doing the esthetician school thing

yuki: yeah….

shawn: must be good money if you can afford to live alone

yuki: (laughs uncomfortably) yeah, i mean. once i’m done with this last semester, it’ll be good enough. so how’s your life of being a weed man…

shawn: i’m a man that sells weed that’s a completely different thing than being a weed man. and it’s going fine. (mutters) might have to expand the menu if my hours keep getting cut. but that’s another headache i don’t want to deal with…

yuki: sorry about that…

she shifts her position

yuki: (lowers voice) ok. so pleasantries exchanged, what’s the verdict on THAT?

shawn: she’s cute. she’s nice. she’s nerdy. kinda looks like her mom picks her clothes at at justice. i know marz said she was the girl from the stickers but um, seeing her in person…she’s —

yuki: — the complete opposite what he normally dates.

shawn: (smirks) yep…

yuki: he’s going to get bored with that real quick.

shawn: definitely but we need to take bets on whether he dumps her before or after that move

yuki raises her eyebrows

shawn: marz caught me up. britechester, right?

yuki: yeah. that’s one of the possibilities. he’s heading out to visit the other tomorrow.

shawn: i asked him what he’s going to do when neal moves and i don’t think he has a plan. why don’t you move in with him? you lived with him before, right? just take over neal’s lease and pay like way less in rent.

yuki: (disgusted) absolutely not. i like living alone. neal and marz match up perfectly because they’ve lived together for so long that’s they’re used to one another. they are practically common law at this point.

shawn: (laughs)tempted to take over that lease but my sister would have to find a new roommate. on the plus side, i’d be free from getting kicked out when she has a dick appointment.

yuki smiles knowingly

shawn:  what’s that face for?

yuki: (smiles deviously) nothing..