the rooftop patio on top of neal’s conveniently located walk-up apartment, spice district, 11:35pm

shawn: you know why marz looked like he was about to cry earlier?

yuki: (looks away) nope

shawn: (eyes narrow) saw him yesterday night and he was jumpy then. plus he was dressed actually nice. you think he’s seeing someone?

yuki: not my clown, not my circus.

shawn: right…everyone kinda seems to be going through it relationship wise, jaime’s dealing with some dick appointment giving her grief. she’s been moping around all day.

yuki looks away

yuki: (insincere) ah…sorry to hear.

shawn: (smirks) try not to sound too upset.

yuki looks up

shawn: you didn’t really like her.

yuki: (rolls eyes) it’s not that i didn’t like her. i don’t. not all girls have to be best friends. she’s just…someone i don’t have much in common with….

shawn: other than neal.

yuki scowls

shawn: you were doing the sad puppy dog eyes back there when he was telling those terrible jokes to mitzi.

she bites her lip

shawn: (sly) and i only noticed it because it’s same puppy dog face you did when he was with jaime.

yuki: (snaps) so do you just sit and stare at me constantly?

shawn: no. that’s creepy. i just notice shit and comment on it. i just didn’t think you were the type that (mockingly sighs) *~pined*~

yuki: (raises voice) it’s because i’m not!

she quickly composes herself

yuki: anyway, how much do i owe you.

shawn pulls out his phone, fiddles with an app and smiles.

shawn: your account is current. (smiles broadly) pleasure doing business with you.

yuki grabs her phone, lighter and keys and storms towards the door and pauses.

yuki: (icily) just remember to kick the cinder block out the way when you’re done. it’d be a real shame if you got locked out here for the night.

shawn: (gulps) will do. see you thursday?

he looks up from his phone to see yuki flipping him off.

shawn: (inhales sharply) i guess not…