week 2, sunday

papercuts – 164

thirst n’ howl bar, san myshuno, 12:25am So many times, there’s nothing left

papercuts – 166

121 hakim house, san myshuno, 1:13am after some impromptu breathing exercises and a heavy makeout

papercuts – 167

18 culpepper house, san myshuno,  2:48am Baby baby Hope is for the middle

papercuts – 168

magnolia promenade / newcrest,  4:08am guess who’s excited for their brunch date today!!!

papercuts – 169

121 hakim house, san myshuno, 4:13am It ain’t that deep by the way

papercuts – 170

17 culpepper house, san myshuno,  10:42 am karlie: (through mitzi’s door) MITZIIIIIIII DON’T FORGET

papercuts – 171

natural born grillers, newcrest,  11:33 am gabe and claire’s sunDATE seems to be

papercuts – 172

turnip the beet, san myshuno, 12:13pm karlie and mitzi are meeting laurel at ‘turnip