week 4

papercuts – 799

910 medina studios, arts district, 10:24pm lily: (smiles) oh! you’re finally up.* carson:

papercuts – 798

910 medina studios, san myshuno, 10:22pm yesterday would have been a great time

papercuts – 797

culpepper heights apartments, spice district, 10:15pm meanwhile, on the other side of town…someone

papercuts – 796

east 51st alto apartments, spice district, 10:03pm karlie isn’t horizontal but completely unable

papercuts – 795

somewhere in del sol valley, 6:52pm anthony: (heavy sigh) siri, call dickhead….

papercuts – 794

east 51st alto apartments, spice district, 9:52pm damien: um hold on. before we

papercuts – 792

122 hakim house apartments, arts district, 9:42pm mehreen: how long as he been

papercuts – 791

the bathroom that smells like a yankee candle at 122 hakim house apartments,